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  • College Students Fashion Week -- CEO Gao Hongyan attended as a fashion judge

    At the press conference, the outstanding works of the graduates of the apparel major from 33 colleges and universities were colorful and distinctive. They were filled with the blood of youth and cultural heritage, and went to "the bridge of realizing dreams" to show the new strength of Chinese design.
    AI118 designer's original minimalist cotton and linen women's wear is popular among merchants (jackets, windbreakers, small pieces, pants, T-shirts, dresses and other full categories...)Welcome investment consultation

  • The original brand of Chinese women

    Guangzhou And plain dress "AI118 Original Cotton linen Shop",Ms. Gao Hongyan, the founder, is one of the Top 10 Designers of Guangdong Province.Director of Guangdong Clothing Association,Participate in One Belt And One Road Macau Fashion Week on behalf of Guangdong Fashion Association.The craftsman makes the product.
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  • "AI118 original cotton and linen store", an original brand of Chinese women

    Guangzhou and su clothing co., LTD cotton and linen women's clothing fabrics are composed of natural fabrics,Strong skin-friendly, soft, skin-friendly, breathable.Although the style of cotton linen women's clothing is loose and large,But the upper body is not bloated,Cleverly combined with one's own figure to show different charm,This is the attitude of self-liberation pursued by contemporary people.Cotton linen uses cotton and linen as the main fabrics,Advocating a natural and healt,wholesale women's clothing florida,wholesale women's clothing for boutiques uk,wholesale women's clothing for retailers


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