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Let me tell you the knowledge of clothing collocation skills

一 、 Color collocation method

1) Deep at the top and shallow at the bottom: dignified, generous, quiet and serious

2) On the shallow deep: bright, lively, cheerful, confident

3) Accentuate your jacket: Your pants should be slightly darker than your jacket

4) Accentuate your pants: Make your jacket slightly darker than your pants

5) Green color is difficult to match, in the clothing collocation can be paired with coffee color

6) Don't wear vertical stripes or checks when your top has a horizontal pattern

7) Jacket with vertical pattern, pants should avoid horizontal stripes or checked

8) The top should be mixed colors, and the bottom should be solid colors

9) When pants are mixed colors, the coat should avoid mixed colors

10) If the coat pattern is large or complex, wear solid color bottoms


二、Basic principles of overall collocation: 

1. Do not wear a patterned shirt or tie with the same pattern.

2. Striped or patterned tops should be matched with plain pants.

3. The color of the shoes should be in harmony with the color of the clothes.

4, inside and outside two pieces wear, the color is best with the color or contrast, collocation will be more flavor.


三、color matching :

In daily life, we often see the combination of black, white and gray with other colors.

Black, white and gray are colorless, so no matter which color they match, there will be no big problem.

Generally speaking, if the same color is matched with white, it will appear bright;

It looks dark when paired with black.

Therefore, in the clothing color collocation should first weigh, you are in order to highlight which part of the dress.

Do not calm colour, for example: dark brown, deep purple and black collocation, such meeting and black are presented "rob color" consequence, make a whole set of clothing does not have a focus, and the integral performance of the clothing also can appear very heavy, dark colorless.

Black and yellow are the collocation of the brightest eye, the collocation of red and black, very ceremonious, but do not lose lasting appeal however oh!


四、Similar color collocation principle: refers to the different shades, light and shade of two kinds of the same color match, such as: blue with sky blue, dark green with light green, coffee with beige, dark red with light red, etc., the same color with clothing is soft and elegant.

Black and yellow are the collocation of the brightest eye, the collocation of red and black, very ceremonious, but do not lose lasting appeal however oh!


五、Approximate color match: refers to the match of two more close colors, such as: red and orange red or purple red match, yellow and grass green or orange yellow match.

Not everyone wears green to be able to wear good-looking, the collocation of green and tender yellow, give a person the feeling of a kind of very spring, integral feeling is very simple but elegant, static fair maiden taste is revealed inadvertently.

The color collocation of professional women's dress. The place where professional women wear professional women's dress is the office. Low color degree can make the people at work concentrate, deal with various problems calmly, and create a calm atmosphere.

Professional women's wear environment is mostly indoor, limited space, people always want to get more private space, wearing low purity color will increase the distance between people, reduce the sense of crowding.

Low-purity colors are more likely to coordinate with other colors, which increases the sense of harmony and intimacy between people, thus helping to form a cooperative pattern.

Additional, can use the characteristic that low purity colour is easy to match, match limited clothings to give rich combination.

At the same time, low purity gives people a sense of humility, tolerance and maturity. By using this color language, professional women are more likely to be valued and trusted by others.


六、The principle of color matching:

1、White can match with any color, but want collocation clever, also need to expend idea one time.

Red and white is a bold combination.

Wearing a white T-shirt and a red skirt, she looked dashing and passionate.


2、Blue principles:

Of all the colors, blue dresses are the easiest to match with other colors.

Blue, which is close to black, or dark blue, is easy to match, and it has a tightening effect on the body, which is very attractive.

Blue collocation red, make the person appear charming, beautiful, but should pay attention to the appropriate proportion of blue and red.

Blue and white are very fresh


3、Beige matching principles:

It's not hard to wear beige with a hint of preciseness.

A light beige turtleneck and short-sleeved sweater paired with a pair of sleek black dress pants and shiny black pointy kitten heels set off the professional look of a working woman.

For a sleek, powerful look, opt for a fine suit and skirt with black stripes, paired with a high-end beige handbag for executive style and feminine elegance.

A lot of MM like to see Korean drama, the fashionable dress that the city feels is full of in drama, want to compare simple and similar plot and slow plot rhythm wonderful hundred times.

See more, how many can sum up some of the Characteristics of the South Korean United States girls dressed: implicit and elegant, bright but not dazzling.

In or soft and lovely or warm colour, cream-colored is fashionable United States eyebrow people commonly used colour.

In the current fashion, beige has become a popular color in the workplace because of its simplicity and rich intellectual beauty.



If you add jewelry, handbags and other ornaments, your dress will become very elegant and decent, so clothing collocation must not ignore the role of accessories yo

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