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I have nothing to do with clothes AI118 Original clothing

 · I have nothing to do with clothes· 

 -- About choosing clothes --


Like something, dislike something, like a piece of clothing, or dislike a piece of clothing, most of the time we stand on the past and today's self-aesthetic cognition to judge, but I prefer to stand on tomorrow or future self-aesthetic cognition, to like and accept a piece of clothing.When choosing an item of clothing, we should ask our future selves more about whether they like it or not, rather than our present selves.Because all choices are for the future, the clothes we buy today are for the people we will wear tomorrow and tomorrow.Because we are growing up, the quality of our future life is constantly improving.Because all the design and creation of A8 Original focuses on the present you, and more on the future you.If you choose clothes in this way, you will find that some of the things you may not know or accept now, you will slowly find the beauty of them.By slowly accepting it, we learn to learn something new and quietly change ourselves.Make your life richer and more interesting.


Many people like a piece of clothing at the beginning, but gradually they no longer like it. The reason is that most of us are judging the future life style with today's aesthetic understanding. If our future is boring and boring, we will not grow up.In fact, people and clothes need a time to understand each other.Just like best friends, it goes from being strangers to being friends.

Between people and things, the process of knowing each other between people is the most beautiful memories.Many people justify their beauty by constantly changing clothes, but I just don't think you know what kind of clothes you really like.


The most beautiful piece of clothing in the world must be a special experience with yourself.The clothing itself has no experience, it is the wearer gives it new life.Classics are never fashion.The so-called classic is never designed by the designer, but the wearers with time and story precipitation.Clothes worn for a long time, washed more, will leave the wearer's unique smell and temperature, warm, soft and warm.

Original A8 original designer -- Xiao Fei

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