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AI118 cotton and linen women's design: cotton and linen blended fabric

Summer, everything is cool and refreshing, cotton linen shirt is popular first choice without doubt.As an essential item for a refreshing look, it is comfortable and breathable while bringing a sense of coolness and freedom from a seaside vacation. It offsets the intense heat of this season with natural fibers and brings an unparalleled summer wearing experience.

Natural, comfortable, healthy, environmental protection, so that cotton and linen has long been regarded as the highest fashion, charm index straight rise, a cotton and linen striped shirt put on both convenient and fashionable.

Simple style atmosphere, life without too much decoration, with natural.Cotton and linen, a fabric that combines the advantages of cotton and linen, is widely sought after by fashionistas for its recognized quality and comfortable wearing experience.Original 19 summer cotton and linen shirt series of instinctive A8, select skin-friendly natural cotton and linen, strictly control the fabric production, to create high-quality cotton and linen single products.Take you to enjoy the fashion and comfort of cotton and linen fabric, cool and breathable for a summer. 

Using cotton and linen blended fabric, combining the breathable quality of linen with the skin-friendly quality of cotton, strong heat dissipation, more sweat absorption, bring cool and comfortable wearing experience.

In hot weather conditions, like "portable air conditioning."

At the same time, it can quickly release the absorbed water, and keep dry no matter how much sweat you put out.

Breathable and refreshing, let the fat girls who love to sweat relaxed, can feel the power of nature anytime and anywhere.

If you think that pure color cotton and linen clothes will be monotonous, then you can also improve the highlight of the overall wear through the design of the clothes. Cotton and linen cloth is different from linen, linen cloth has a sharp feeling, and there will be obvious friction with the skin when wearing close to the body, and the comfort is lower than cotton and linen.

Cotton linen life, star talent's favorite, even if it is a simple match, can also wear a big brand fan.As a result, this kind of cloth is becoming more and more popular with the public.

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product range includes Shirt, T-shirt, Sweater, Jacket, Waistcoat, Trouser, Base Shirt, One-piece dress, Suspender Skirt, Skirt and Suspender trouser.

AI118 designer's original minimalist cotton and linen women's wear is popular among merchants (jackets, windbreakers, small pieces, pants, T-shirts, dresses and other full categories...)Welcome investment consultation


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