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Don't let clothes stop you from going on a date -- dress with women's clothing

You can't just be casual at any time, and the same goes for clothes.Women for the people who are pleased with themselves.Dress yourself every day, not for others but for yourself.


ot only should you wear the right clothes, but you should also choose the right color. Each color can express different emotions, and the right color can directly affect your mood today or even your date.

Especially once a year Tanabata, the appropriate adjustment of your clothes color, dating will be very good


White, or rice white, dress or white shirt, clean and refreshing girl who don't like it, you can choose a shirt with a sense of design, break the rigidity of the workplace, give a person a sense of ability


Or a white dress, reminiscent of the girl who passed by the classroom that summer.


Pink, bows, little girls...

Try pink as a color, but the outfit should not be too tight, it will look mature.

Pink all shows the breath of little schoolgirl, the world is not deep and innocent and lovely, can arouse the boy's protection desire, after all, every boy has a hero dream more or less.


Blue, blue sky, sea...

Thinking about this, there is an instant sense of unfathomable mystery.

Women should always maintain a sense of mystery, do an unfathomable sea, refused to see the end of the spring.


Green, tender along with the bean green is a good choice, there are still many people entanglement to wear and skin color on the difficult problem, contrast saturation a little higher green, bean green is really very close to the people.


Once you've seen these colors, go ahead and try them on with your outfit for your date.

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