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AI118 cotton and linen women

 [Self] · Rules

You see the rules

And in fashion

 The rules and regulations actually deduct a classic: plaid


Like grid is a kind of complex, "in the rules and regulations" grid geometry element achievement a variety of different life style, although it form is onefold, cannot hinder stylist people to use it however model the flavor in all sorts of life, it seems to have nothing to do with popular, it is the regular customer of fashionable bound inside and outside firmly however.


Mondrian -- abstract cognition "black and white grid + red, yellow and blue"

Simple red, yellow, blue, black, white and gray blocks, straight lines, right angles and grids in the picture

Is the language of art that Mondrian admires

It has inspired countless artists and designers


This time I recommend the pastoral squares

 Pastoral plaid is less abstract than Mondrian plaid

Their composition is very simple and pure

 It won't be too messy

Try it on a daily basis...


The collocation of plaid shirt is to suit literary female youth most in autumn

 Low-key simple and elegant is not conventional

Match with the same color pants for freshness and aging


One or two of these plaid shirts are available at the end of the season to suit the fall and winter temperatures

Their deep colors look safe

With sweater, coat match, also be joker endure to see......


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