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Emotional color collocation method - brand women

Emotional color is the starting point of our color matching.How can I put it?When we get a dress, first of all, what feeling does the dress bring to us, and what emotion does the color symbolize?The premise is that you have to know the psychological effects of color clearly.


Red is the longest light wave in the visible spectrum and has the greatest impact on vision.Full of excitement, enthusiasm, full, challenges and other emotional feelings.The first skirt in the picture is a red color, which gives the wearer a positive appeal. It is a necessary color for office workers.


Yellow is the brightest color. Since ancient times, yellow has been the symbol of the supreme imperial power, giving light, authority, hope and other emotional feelings.The second dress in the picture is a minimalist apricot color that speaks directly to the feelings of wealth and power.1575015766368783.jpg

Blue with apricot | blue with blue | blue with dark green

Quiet, gentle | calm, stable | cheerful, generous


Pink with Apricot | Apricot with White | White with Maben

Dignified, quiet | gentle, elegant | clean, easy


The thinking goes something like this: What color scheme do we want to inject emotion into it?That collocation what color can achieve we want this kind of emotion?So this is our starting point for color matching

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