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How does a qualified fashion designer become—— AI118 hemp shop original brand clothing or Guangzhou and su clothing co., LTD

Recently, many friends have asked how to become a fashion designer.

To become a fashion designer is not an easy thing, not only need a lot of friends recently asked how to become a fashion designer.

To become a fashion designer is not an easy thing, not only need to have a certain talent, but also need to know how to learn and pay hard efforts for it, in order to learn.



1, to be good at learning to improve in imitation

        Imitation is a common characteristic of higher beings.Remember the American psychologist said: as one of the human behavior patterns, imitation is the result of learning.

The use of imitation in the learning process, from the perspective of the behavior itself, should be regarded as a kind of plagiarism, is the opposite of creation, it can not show how good one's own technology or ability, but it should be seen that many successful inventions or creations start from imitation, imitation should be regarded as a good learning method.

        For beginners, they can't expect to be able to write a wonderful pen overnight. They should honestly start from the imitation of others' design. This is like learning calligraphy needs to copy.

Therefore, my advice to beginners is to find a designer you admire and like as soon as possible, and consciously imitate his design techniques and style from now on, in order to develop feelings and practice skills.

In this stage of learning, you need to love the new and love the old, learn a little from here, learn a little from there, and eventually you can discover your strengths and develop your own design style.

It needs to be reminded that any good learning mode needs to have the right method, if you imitate others' works is unchanged, that is not the real meaning of learning, learn to draw inferences from one example, is the meaning of imitation learning.



2. We should constantly improve our aesthetic ability and set up our aesthetic standards

 The British philosopher Herbert Reed once said, "Sensation is a physical gift, something you are born with, not learned."

"The beginning of beauty," he added, "is intelligence. Beauty is man's sensual understanding of the divine."

It can be seen that everyone has the feeling, but in front of the beautiful things, people get the aesthetic enjoyment is deep and shallow, there are all lack, there is right and wrong, there is health and vulgar.

This phenomenon has a lot to do with their aesthetic ability and appreciation ability.

There is an idiom in our country called "playing the lute to a cow", which is often used to satirize those who talk and do things without seeing their target.

In real life, there are indeed differences in aesthetic ability between people. Although the formation and improvement of aesthetic ability is related to the physiological evolution of people, more importantly, it comes from the acquisition of cultural and artistic knowledge and aesthetic influence, and it comes from continuous learning and practice.

The great design masters who have made great achievements in the field of clothing display their excellent design talent by relying on their profound basic skills.

3、To take the initiative to create opportunities for their own practice

         Many students in school often complain about the lack of practical teaching arranged by the school. Frankly speaking, this is indeed a problem existing in the existing teaching. To improve it, it takes time, because it involves many reasons, and the school's unilateral efforts are not enough.

However, we must not give up the opportunity of active learning because of the inadequacy and difficulties of practical teaching in schools.

As we all know, fashion design is a subject with strong practicality. Only through continuous practice can we truly understand clothing, gain more direct experience, and make really good and useful designs.

So, my advice to you is: without affecting normal school learning situation, to take the initiative to create opportunities for practice for oneself, such as participating in various fashion events, to clothing business part-time, for service in the enterprise's senior aides, though you may not be able to easily get the opportunity, but to believe, must be hard to pay for the people and the opportunity to prepare.

4、Learn to communicate, exchange and cooperation with people

    As a designer, we must establish a sense of teamwork, and learn to communicate, exchange and cooperate with others.

This ability needs to be trained and cultivated during school study, and strive to make it a working habit, which will be very beneficial to future work.

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