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Use clothing to create image - brand clothing investment -AI118 Ma shop original designer brand

As the saying goes, clothes make the man, and the Buddha makes the gold. Different clothes can really give people different impressions.

Office workers to wear professional clothes, students to wear school uniforms, party to wear formal dress, wedding to wear a wedding suit, different occasions, different identities have to wear different clothes to create an image.

But our image shouldn't all be determined by external factors.Today, let's choose our image together.


The first lovely type, this image of girls are compared, lively young, small and exquisite, very provoking the feeling of the little sister next door.It is suitable for clothes with high color lightness, such as white, light blue, light pink, light yellow, etc., pleated skirt, matching small shirt, pleated skirt, plus some lovely patterns, matching relatively clean light makeup is a lovely little fairy.


The second royal sister type, this image may be a little opposite to the first kind, giving people a feeling of strength, charm, have their own sexy big sister feeling, wearing will be more bold mature, have their own ideas.Clothing will be relatively simple, not too much flashy, the atmosphere, simply bear out their own aura.


Type is elegant in the third paragraph, such women are generally more mature, have temperament, give a person a kind of noble, senior feeling feeling, usually dress is concise and easy, color is senior ash, not too much color, use is to coordinate the color of quietly elegant, version to loose and comfortable, decent, specific A8 original shop clothes for reference.


Clothing is not only to cover the body, the role of cold, more important is that we should use clothing to express our attitude to life.

A person who has a demand for clothes must have a demand for her life.

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