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Cotton . linen

Natural materials are alive

The choice of cotton and linen has the initial texture

Natural creations with color are used as fabric mainmaterial

  It can endow clothes with natural attributes

Comfortable and natural, even without embellishment

 You can also feel the tension of life and the leisurely artistic conception in the moment of touch

We know that fabric, like people, has its own life and temperament

Will grow in the experience, one day will be old

They accompany us through the years in our daily life, leaving a little mark of life

Gradually, it becomes a "second skin".


For example, whether knitted clothes will pilling, whether they will be deformed in the process of wearing, whether the large body will be deformed.

Will cotton and linen clothes shrink?

The trousers skirt of joker, after wearing a winter, whether the 2nd winter still can continue to be dressed.

In the process of processing are followed by the quality of durable and firm design, try to do the clothes in the continuous wearing process does not deform, even if the color will let it back very beautiful.


The rustic color, rustic texture, these are mostly natural.

The lines of natural flow interact with the fabric texture.

Highlight the confident and independent character, multi-dimensional shaping, give life more possibilities.



Original designer of natural color AI118 -- Xiao Fei

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