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"AI118 original cotton and linen store", an original brand of Chinese women

Time:2021-05-18     Author:bense【Original】


Guangzhou and su clothing co., LTD cotton and linen women's clothing fabrics are composed of natural fabrics,Strong skin-friendly, soft, skin-friendly, breathable.Although the style of cotton linen women's clothing is loose and large,But the upper body is not bloated,Cleverly combined with one's own figure to show different charm,This is the attitude of self-liberation pursued by contemporary people.


Cotton linen uses cotton and linen as the main fabrics,Advocating a natural and healthy life attitude,It is one of the favorite clothes of urban women today.It not only gives the wearer a comfortable feeling,At the same time, it also conveys a touch of literary style, full of personality.


People combine retro and trendy fashion,Combining the history and culture of thousands of years with modern civilization,Produced a series of cotton linen garments,Fully satisfied the followers who love cotton linen products.


Cotton is grown from temperate plants,Harvest the cotton and seeds separately,The seeds decomposed after being threshed by a sun-dried machine,After being pressed by a machine, it is woven into threads and cloths, and finally dyed into finished products.


Guangzhou and su clothing co., LTD is a natural material,Never use pesticides and chemical dyes,Cotton linen textiles also do not contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde.But the color fastness of cotton is not as good as chemical fiber products,So there will be floating color during washing.


The solution is: soak in salt water for about fifteen minutes to have a fixing effect.Cotton is suitable for close-fitting, has good breathability, absorbs sweat, and does not irritate the skin.


Guangzhou and su clothing co., LTD is leading brand&manufacturer of cotton and linen clothing for women from China,our product range including: Blouses,Pants,Dresses,Tee-Shirts,Sweatshirts,Midi Skirt,Waistcoats.


If you have interested in,please feel free to contact with me.

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