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Fashion Round collar made of pure cottonWomen Tops Blouses 17718

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Simplicity - branded clothing-Guangzhou and Su Clothing Co., Ltd AI118 designer brand clothing

Big sound sound, elephant invisible. I look forward to and love the beauty of "no self, no phase, infinite". The simplicity beyond time and space is the simplicity, silence and aloofness beyond the mundane world. So I began to try to strip away the unnecessary, the superfluous, the layers of the essence of happiness, the essence of life. Start by talking less and doing more. Start by eating simply. Start by going to bed early and waking up early. Start by enjoying a breeze and a ray of sunshine. Start with every present thought. This is also the design concept of "Jane" of AILL8 linen shop, which wants to convey -- simple, often beautiful.

So, from now on, look for the beauty in the Jane around you. Is a leaf blown by the wind, swaying in the sun; Is a little stone wet by the rain; A solitary sail that waves on the sea. To create the wisdom of "Jane" in life. Wear simple clothes, put on simple makeup, cook vegan vegetables, and buy items that you love and have a daily value. Forget about the things and people that are weighing you down.

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product range includes Shirt, T-shirt, Sweater, Jacket, Waistcoat, Trouser, Base Shirt, One-piece dress, Suspender Skirt, Skirt and Suspender trouser.

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