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Guangzhou and su clothing co., LTD

With nature .  True self

Guangzhou and su clothing co., LTD

AI118 Original Brand Profile

       Guangzhou and su clothing co., LTD The main original brand clothing.The designer brand "AI118 Hemp Shop Original", "Three Vegan Clothing Products", has paid attention to research and development and adhered to the craftsman spirit since its establishment!Focus on original, focus on cost performance, focus on differentiation.Now we have a number of direct wholesale centers in China.And the horizontal development of agents and franchisees, has a number of cooperation with well-known brand OEM and export at home and abroad.(Including: South Korea, Japan, UK, USA, Russia, Vietnam, Argentina, Malaysia and other countries)
         Our product range includes: shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, trousers, dresses, half skirts, waistcoats, cotton jackets, jeans, sports style series, etc. Welcome to choose our original women's wear to achieve common success.

AI118 brand clothing

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Reiki based on nature
Go back to the original natural taste

1、The founder is one of the top ten fashion designers in Guangdong
2、The founder is a director of Guangdong Designers Association
3、The founder is a guest expert judge for College Fashion WeekThe company won
4、the Guangdong Province clothing industry women's clothing growth enterprise
5、The brand won the Guangdong Province high quality women's design medal
6、On behalf of Guangdong Province, I was selected for the One Belt And One Road Fashion Show of Macau Fashion Festival
7、On behalf of the market to accept the Hangzhou TV and CCTV2 financial channel interview and report

AI118 brand honor


Our professional services

AI118 original women's wear to provide you with first-hand goods + professional services, so that your business smooth sailing, financial sources, to solve your personality design, brand support, product customization design  problems

  • Custom design

    Custom design

    Original brand clothing design team, solve your product selection problem

  • OEM


    To sample processing, certification clothing production factory to solve your production problems

  • ODM


    You just choose the style of clothes you want, and we will produce your own brand for you under the brand name

  • Custom design

    Custom design

    Full range of wholesale brands, ready-made women's clothing inventory, to solve your small order problem

  • trade agency

    trade agency

    Recruit the country agent, provides the high quality brand women's clothing source

  • e-commerce


    Cross-border stores to provide high quality and cost-effective brand women's wear

Clothes for the crowd?

Women's agent
Women's agent

target consumer groups women aged 18 to 48

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Brand clothing analogy?

Women's agent
Women\'s agent

proportion of product category

proportion of product season

Clothing display in physical stores

Women\'s agent
Women\'s agent

Women\'s agent

Clothing style display

Women's agent
Women's agent
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